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Links for June 12th through June 14th

HoC data-center

A little something extra…

As some folks know, I lived in a hippie co-op during college. It was pretty fantastic as far as friends and the actual time spent there – I met my wife there!

I setup the first house-wise Internet, before wifi was common so we had to drag cables around for those who wanted it. In retrospect the worrying about $70 or so a month is quaint, huh? This past Friday, we went to visit one of our friends who’d moved back in for a month before a European biking tour. I happened to open up the closet next to my old room and see they’d expanded the House of Commons “datacenter” (picture above) out pretty well, including some legless fairies to watch over the uptime.

The Links

Disclosure: see the RedMonk client list for clients mentioned.

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