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Here's a quarter, build me an IT Service, kid – IT Management & Cloud Podcast #72

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In this episode, John and I talk about several cloud-related conferences, employees managing their own damn desktop, the iPad as the perfect presentation machine, and CA World.

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Show Notes

  • John’s new office at OpsCode, and Coté does his usual office bitching.
  • John goes to Detroit for CloudCamp Detroit.
  • Gluecon
  • Coté rhetorically asks: when will desktop management from IT end?
  • The year of John going Apple.
  • The face-to-face presentation use-case for the iPad – “The new napkin,” John says, also, “the virtual booth.”
  • dev/ops days programme posted – both Coté & John on panels.
  • Cloud Harmony – cloud statistics to compare clouds, using Mechanical Turk.
  • CA World – pretty credible on their desire to do cloud stuff – see Coté’s coverage.
  • folks launch.


Coming soon…

Disclosure: OpsCode is a client, as are other companies mentioned. CA paid for my travel and hotel to CA World.

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