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Speakeasy Speed Test - Austin to SF on Clear 4G, 38th and Lamar

A little something extra…

I signed up with Clear today to (a.) get stable Internet as the DSL we have at the office is spotty, perhaps due to crappy wiring in the building, the AT&T service, who knows – I don’t have time/inclination to care, and, (b.) replace my Verizon 3G card for traveling Internet.

The above speed test shows that it’s pretty good. To be fair, I’m right next to a Clear tower in Austin. The speed test at home was piss-poor, but I have a Grande cable modem there (with a land-line) that’s fantastic, so I’m not looking for a home broadband replacement.

Along with 4G, I have a card and plan ($15 extra month) that gives me Sprint 3G access, which should be “everywhere” in the US. Also, I got a “Clear Spot,” one of those little mini-wifi routers (up to 8 connections). I’ve been at conferences many, many times when I’d like to share my (3G) Internet connection with others when the wifi is, well, conferencetastic.

With just one day of use, there’s no valid review to be had. I’ll be on the road next week in a Clear city (Las Vegas) and a non-Clear city (San Francisco). With that, and a few more weeks, I should have enough data for a quick review. People keep asking, and I know I’ve been curious. In the meantime, check fellow Austinite Stacey Higginbotham’s Clear review from awhile ago.

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