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Whole slew of transcripts up

I’ve been sitting on several transcripts and finally found the time to post them. They include a few IT Management & Cloud episodes and all three of the make all episodes:

If you’re the kind of person who prefers text, enjoy the transcripts!

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  1. Was interesting listening to the poscast. I don’t think Farmville is killing our culture. As species, we are evolving. We may be getting more and more secluded, yes… but the opportunities to communicate with more people all accross the world using twitter or facebook is a big jump in our evolution.

    Cultures evolve. If they didn’t we will still be subjects of King Geore in the middle ages

  2. James: yeah, for sure. I more in jest like to point out “X it killing our culture” memes. The only ones sicker are “The Kids are so damn smart” ones.