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Links for April 30th

A little something extra…

like how @sogrady @cote @monkchips all provided unique analysis of HP/Palm. Combined = best I’ve read on topic. Noah Kuttler

If you’ll pardon a little horn tootin’, I think RedMonk did an outstanding job of covering the acquisition of Palm by HP this week. It was a classic RedMonk approach to it – each of us wrote up our own perspectives, in our own style and as Noah tweeted above, the combined gives you a nice analytical tryptic.

Here’s the coverage:

  • Stephen O’Grady tackles the importance of WebOS and how HP might chart out “the new desktop”: mobile.
  • James Governor’s coverage hits up the context angle well, trying to explain not only possible why’s but hit upon the backgrounds of interested parties.
  • And, my Quick Analysis which I’ll let you characterize on your own.

The Links

Disclosure: see the RedMonk client list for clients mentioned.

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