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Consumer Tech to Enterprise Tech

Last week at the Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise conference I gave an omnibus (that is, packed with info) presentation on applying consumer technology innovations to the enterprise. Originally titled “From Ramen Startups to Quarter-end white-knuckling,” I was trying to take all the whiz-bang Web 2.0 stuff and take a level-headed look at applying it to business use with an eye towards the different concerns (goofing off vs. being productive) that businesses would have.

I made a rehearsal recording, and while the final talk is always slightly different, you can get an idea from that:

The original abstract reads:

The tone of technology coverage and advancement has changed to follow the darlings of the consumer web word: Google, Facebook, iPhones, and the whiz-bang du jour. “Enterprise Software” is hardly the source of new technologies that can help mainstream business: the bulk of valuable innovation now occurs and comes from the consumer world. The dynamics of that consumer culture are much different than typical business concerns, and the result software tends to be a “leaky abstraction” that reflects that difference. This talk with cover these innovations and then explore how new consumer technologies like social networking, cloud computing & SaaS, mobile access, and new work habits fit in with the business world.

You should also be able to get this video by subscribing to the RedMonkTV feed or the RedMonk Fire hose (it’s everything!) feed.

Disclosure: see the RedMonk clients list for relevant clients mentioned.

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