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Analysts talk cloud at SpringOne 2GX

Just a few months ago, I was on a panel along with some fellow analysts on the topic of cloud computing, moderated by Hyperic/SpringSource/VMWare’s Javier Soltero. The recording is now up via InfoQ, there’s audio only too if you prefer. Here’s the summary:

In this video Javier Soltero, SpringSource CTO of Management Products, hosts a panel discussion on the future of enterprise deployment and what IT operations staff should be looking for when considering their production system needs with Michael Cote (Redmonk), Andi Mann (EMA) [now at CA!], Dennis Callahan (The 451 Group), and Al Hilwa (IDC).

We managed to speak pretty pragmatically about cloud, and you can see me being pretty conservative about folks actually using cloud computing. I guess it’s one thing to be excited about it (as we often are in the IT Management & Cloud Podcast) and another to think about the level-headed use here and now.

Disclosure: SpringSource and Hyperic have been clients in the past.

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