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Facebook in Austin, SXSW Booze & Chow, TabbedOut, BazaarVoice – Austin Tech Scene #02

Kill Your Bugs!

Brandon and I sit down at The Dog and Duck Pub to test out TabbedOut while we discuss the past week’s news about the Austin tech scene – Facebook may be opening offices in Austin, places to eat and drink during SXSE, and a few other items.

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Show Notes

  • We open up testing out TabbedOut, the Austin based app that lets you pay your bar (and restaurant) tab with your iPhone. It works well at first, but closing the tab gets weird.
  • Facebook may open an office in Austin – the government seems to think so. Brandon and I discuss if this is a good thing or bad thing. We also talk about officing downtown vs. the “business park” part of Austin.
  • With SXSW starting at the end of this week, Brandon and I got over good spots around town to get booze and food. We talk through options on the west side of downtown all the way over to the now hot-n-trendy east side.
  • While we’re not big experts on the gaming scene in Austin, there were a few interesting news items: AV helping ex-MySpace people start up an effort, buying MindJolt in SF (ABJ coverage). Big Six acquired by hi5. Legacy of gaming – MMP stuff – etc.
  • I ask Brandon to tell me what he thinks about BazzarVoice, who announced they now have 100 billion reviews and other “user generated” content. While I was skeptical of the business idea several years ago, clearly it’s genius. In fact when I found myself reading reviews of tires over at Discount Tires’ website this week I realized, “of course, brilliant!”

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3 Responses

  1. Thanks! I was thinking maybe the bar tender typed in the code wrong or something. Other than that, it was nice 😉

  2. Sorry you had issues with closeout. We haven’t heard of any such issues but would love to speak with you about what happened to make sure we address whatever the problem may be.

    Thanks for checking out TabbedOut and we will visit D&D this afternoon to see if it is specific to their location (although we had quite a few tabs closed last night per our data).

    Best regards and please drop by our SXSWi party at Shangri-La on 3.15,


    Rick Orr
    ATX Innovation

  3. I wrote a synopsis on TabbedOut and my thoughts on the benefits and possible pitfalls on the app. I live in nyc and wish I could use it but it is only available in TX for now. I think (hope!) that they will role it out to additional cities after SXSW. Here is a link to my blog for more info on my thoughts: