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I reviewed a nice looking manuscript for Israel Gat a few weeks ago, a short guide for executives looking to apply Agile in their organization. In the review notes, I hit up a theme I like to bring up frequently about Agile development:

Agile process is, actually, a highly disciplined governance process. Things like Scrum and even XP are highly regimented processes and even in half-ass implementations are actually much more effective processes than other software governance models. Agile realizes (whether knowing it or not) that programmers will always try to hack and work around The System and so it lets coders do their daily work however they want.

Instead, Agile focuses on results which enforce making sure the coders actually do something and learn how to make promises they can keep. This contrasts with more traditional software development processes that are more focused on enforcing a process with the belief that following the process will result in shippable code.

Agile care about process, but it cares more about continuously tuning process to, ongoing, work best for the team. To Agile, “process” is a tool. In some respect, the traditional idea of “governance” (enforcing process, code, methods, etc.) is anti-Agile, but the better idea of “governance” (making sure your workers are benefiting the company) is purely Agile.

…Agile talk is coming up a lot for me recently. I think it’s primarily driven by developers trying to connect their process to cloud-driven/inspired methodologies. Once operations stops being a bottle-neck (deployment, mostly, and “change management”), Agile developers have to figure out what they’d do if they actually released each iteration to customers. Fun times!

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