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Links for February 8th through February 11th

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Stephen and I spoke with “NoSQL vendor” today (for lack of a better categorization). More so than myself, Stephen has really made a study out of these merging, non-relational data-stores. At the moment, the space is exciting and confusing for developers and evaluators. There’s so many different options, each taking a different technological crack at new ways to do be a database.

I was reminded by my old friend Charles that I (and he) tend to loath (relational) databases: from a developer’s perspective, there’s a weird thing you’re forced to strap on your otherwise elegant architecture. One of my personal hopes then, is that we’ll start to see databases that aren’t so, well, weird to deal with.

Stephen raised an excellent point as well: high performance, speed, or however you want to put it is increasingly an expected feature. Just as higher processor speeds and GPUs made responsive and nice looking UIs expected, “high performance” is increasingly an expected feature. For example, I used a desktop email application for a long time – Apple’s – until it just stopped performing well. I never delete emails and over the years, I get a lot of ’em. The high performance that GMail gives me is what I expect.

There are better examples than my email needs – analytics is one – but the points still stand: when it comes to databases we need more elegant, developer-friendly data stores and high performance that end-users expect.

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