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Steel vs. Big Iron, BSM, & Cloud Drama – IT Management & Cloud Podcast #67

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This week John and I talk about: the state of BSM and ITIL-think in relation to all this cloud hoopla, news from several IT management & cloud startups, BMC’s Remedy OnDemand, and how much pizza Tarus can eat in one sitting.

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Show Notes


Coming soon.

Disclosure: IBM, The OpenNMS Group, and others are clients.

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  1. I didn’t want to piss on Johns party over at, but didn’t automation replace all the keypunch operators? Didn’t automation replace many of the tape jockeys? Didn’t automation replace the print shop monkeys… didn’t automation eliminate telephone operators and shouldn’t automation replace much of what todays operations do?

    Technology moves on if the dynamics and financials make it worth the journey. Ultimately automating a cats hair ball will end up in two things, 1. an automated mess, and 2. more failures as you now get failures in the automation and the hair ball.

    The real answer as we move to the cloud etc. is to simplify. That requires gracefully backing out of stuff we did 10/20 years ago and replacing it with forward thinking, not backward automation. Do we really need Vmotion for example? Surely we ought to have application failover and systems these days that have much higher availability, rendering vmotion and much of the complex automation that surrounds it, redundant. If thems your skills… well, just sayin…