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Links for January 27th through January 29th

A little something extra…

I somehow forgot to post the link yesterday, oops!

There’s been a lot of follow-on from the Oracle+Sun event earlier this week. Stephen has a nice Q&A up on it now, and you may recall my quick analysis on the topic.

A reporter asked me what the most significant part of the whole shindig was for middleware, SOA, and that slice of IT. Here’s what I said:

Oracle’s desire to sell integrated stacks is huge for middleware. In its most generalized form, “middleware” exists to deal with integrating together heterogeneous systems and much of the “pain” of dealing with it comes from working through, around, and with problems at the “edges” of architectures, that cross project or vendor lines of control. While a fully integrated offering may address those problems by eliminating those edges, the trade off is limited choice of technology – that could be good, bad, or meaningless depending on the development team’s needs. The big question going forward will be if Oracle will continue to encourage the heterogeneous architectural philosophy that Java has had for a long time, or go more with the philosophy that Java became a reaction to: Microsoft.

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