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(Though I reviewed this book over on my personal blog awhile back, I thought I’d bring it over here as it’s certainly applicable.)

Adrenaline Junkies and Template Zombies: Understanding Patterns of Project Behavior – a review

As with most pattern books, this is one you flip through in an hour and then save it to refer back to. The strength of software management and development pattern books is describing problems that commonly occur, not really telling you how to fix them. Thus, they tend to be frustrating because you’re left thinking, “how am I going to get this to work in my organization?” There is a certain level of detail in some of these patterns that’s refreshing, but most are just brief outlines of a software management or team-work problem.

Still, they’re extremely helpful things to keep in mind which you may be forgetting (“The Empty Chair”) or no longer think applies to you (“Young Pups Old Dogs”), helpful advice if you must do it (“Offshore Follies”), to some that can be reduced to a clever quip, as in “War Room” where DeMarco says, “I’m beginning to think that a project not worth a war room may be a project not worth doing. ”There’s solid advice in here, but the 0th pattern is “Be humble: never assume you have this stuff figured out.” After that, many of them are extremely good advice.

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