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Links for January 12th through January 13th

Jason Cohen at Ignite Austin

A little something extra…

I went to last night’s Ignite Austin and it was certainly a good time. As one attendee put it, it was sort of like a mini-TED here in Austin, which is a compliment. The organizers did an excellent job with their only real problem being not enough comfy space and long lines. That is, it was very well attended: one of those “problems we like to have.”

With the wide attendance it was a great chance to meet up with many of the local tech scene people I know and start getting to know more. The talks were nice as well, with most successfully stealing my attention from my iPhone. There’s supposed to be video up sometime, which should be fun for folks who couldn’t attend to see. Jason Cohen‘s talk – picture above – was a nice take on the maxim “be yourself” when it comes to writing, and there were several Austin-scoped talks that were interesting introductions to tech-culture around town.

Throwing an Austin nerd-scene event like this is difficult as events that have gone less spectacular have shown. It’s hard getting the Austin nerds out of their house (or from in front of their glowing MacBook), but this first Ignite Austin did it.

I’m looking forward to the second one.

And, special thanks to Charlie Wood for the extra ticket.

The Links

Disclosure: see the RedMonk client list for clients mentioned.

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