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A little something extra…

Several people have asked us recently about Microsoft Azure and Microsoft’s cloud strategy. A little while ago, James Governor pointed out that Microsoft seemed to have been trying to figure out who in Microsoft would “own” cloud computing. And it seemed, James said, that Bob Muglia’s group ended up with it. As your little something extra today, here’s a recent response along those lines I sent to a reporter asking after Microsoft and cloud:

Microsoft is well positioned with Azure. Now that the internal decision process of where cloud should reside has been resolved (in Bob Muglia’s Server and Tools Business), there’s less distraction in figuring out if Microsoft’s answer to the cloud will be consumer-centric (more the Ray Ozzie line of thought) and business centric.

Muglia’s group has done well executing of late, and they seem to have clamped down old school Microsoft style on Azure. They identified their core strength – millions of “Microsoft developers” – and have delivered a cloud offering along those lines – a platform as a service, a development platform.

This differentiates Microsoft’s cloud offering from Amazon (which is purely at the infrastructure, operations, “build it yourself” level), Salesforces (tailored more towards ERP and application extensions), and Google’s (not too business oriented). Others like IBM and HP are more interesting in tooling private clouds, where as Microsoft seems very keen on delivering a new way for general software developers to deliver applications over the public Internet.

For more on Azure, check out the three interviews I did with Microsofties on the topic back at MIX 2009.

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