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Links for December 17th through December 18th

A little something extra…

Like a few days back, today’s extra will be the full comment I sent in relation to one of the stories RedMonk is quoted in below, on the topic of Visual Studio 2010 being delayed a bit:

When it comes to development, and even Microsoft’s plans in cloud computing, the VisualStudio portfolio is at the center of just about every Microsoft strategy and community.

While delays are always disappointing, given VS’s importance for much of the product lines in STB [the Microsoft Server and Tools Business] – .Net, Silverlight, Azure development, and good old fashioned web development – its worth biting the bullet and taking however long is needed to get it right. While there’s competition in other development ecosystems – Java, LAMP, web, etc. – Microsoft does have the luxury of being the prize horse in its own space, so it might as well apply the old menu maxim from The Mythical Man Month: “good cooking takes time; if you’re made to wait it is to server you better, and to please you.”

That said, you’re allowed about one big, public delay like this before the hecklers start licking their lips.

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