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Links for December 15th through December 16th

A little something extra…

One of the linked items below is a story about Microsoft settling up with EU by Jeffrey Schwartz – a nice summary of the event. Here’s the full comment emailed him if you’re interested:

The browser wars have certainly been heating up again (Apple Safari,
Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft IE, etc.). And with things
like the different UI platforms in the mobile space and non-HTML RIAs
from Adobe and Microsoft, we’re set for a lot going on in the
application development space over the coming years.

With Google in the browser game with Chrome, you have to think (and
hope) that they’re looking at the EU’s demands on Internet Explorer as
guidance for how to avoid sticky situations with Chrome and their
other efforts. Chrome is annoyingly up-front (which is good, in this
context) about asking you for browser and search engine defaults.

Between the US and the EU, governments have gotten much more
aggressive in the technology world (check out the rumblings in the
mainframe space
), and I suspect that “government meddling” will start
to come as a rude shock to the tech-heads out there who’re used to a
more hands-off, “business-friendly” approach.

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