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Links for December 9th through December 13th

Waffle Fry Poutine

A little something extra…

It’s the weekend edition again.

The commentary piece from Bruce Sterling on Best Buy being the only electronics store left standing goes well with the slide-show of dead malls and big box stores. In that slide show, the photographer, Brian Ulrich, is asked how he sets up his shots, to which he gives an interesting example of how he blends the web and meat-space together for research and planning:

To set up a picture depends on what’s in front of the camera. I start by doing lots of research online. Looking through Flickr, Google Street View,, and Labelscar as well as retail real-estate listings. I’m trying to get an idea of what I might find in a given location. Some sites change fast as I have to sometimes have good timing to find some of the “label scars” before they are painted over. Other times it’s simply driving, looking, and exploring. Once I get to a location I make tons of cell phone snaps to start to make decisions about what kind of picture to make. It can be obvious or subtle and it’s not uncommon to not even make the picture until months later.

Just down the street from us in Austin is Highland Mall, a mall that’s been going through a weird transformation (or maybe slow death). I’m not sure why it’s declining as it’s centrally located for many well to do Austinites and still has good stores. As Labelscar puts it: “Austin’s Highland Mall has become one of 2009’s most famous dying (though not yet dead) malls due to some high profile craziness and catfights.”

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