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Links for December 3rd through December 4th

Snow in Austin

It snowed in Austin today!

A little something extra…

As you can tell, I did a little RIA reading today – we recorded episode #67 of RIA Weekly.

One thing not bookmarked below is Stephen O’Grady’s nice, brief round-up of some web analytics services out there. With the winter down-turn in meetings and conferences, we’ve been taking some time to optimize our online presence, and tracking page activity is a large part of that. We get so busy most of the time that we give ourselves little chance to tweak our web sites. Stephen has been consolidating all of our tracking and we’ve been doing things like trying to get into Google News and better using Facebook – you should go become a fan, you can track RedMonk activity up in Facebook now.

Doing stuff on the web can be a tremendous suck of time, and that’s why those web analytics are important. You have to rig up little experiments to see if anything actually “works” (which usually means more page views or the more complex “engagement”). That said, I’m enjoying the Facebook Fan page because it’s a way to put some faces to our largely anonymous audience.

If you see any links I’ve been missing, feel free to send them along in email, via the for: tag in delicious, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever suits your fancy ;>

The Links

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