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Links for December 1st through December 2nd

A little something extra…

I spoke with John K. Waters in two of the links below, on TaskTop and the project Gemini at Eclipse.

TaskTop – I’ve watched Mylyn and TaskTop for a long time now (see this video with Mik Kersten and the pointers to other notes) and have always been impressed with the software. As I get to in the quote from the Waters piece, the overall goal, as I see it, has been to keep developers in their IDEs rather than requiring them to context switch around. TaskTop (and Mylyn’s) goal now is to integrate with as many different systems as possible as quickly as possible: it’s an exhausting game, but that’s what they’ve signed up for. As a side note, the company TaskTop has emerged as an interesting consultancy for doing Eclipse UI technology outsourcing: outfits like SpringSource hired TaskTop to do some of their major tools and Microsoft is working with TaskTop to make Eclipse more fancy in Windows 7.

Gemini – coincidentally, also an Eclipse project, Gemini is a project to implement several OSGi specs that, in my words, retro-fit Java APIs to be OSGi-ready. Honestly, I don’t know the technical details, but for the projects chosen, it seems like the project will start building the under-pinning needed to OSGi-ify the Java enterprise stack. As I told Waters, Oracle and VMWare/SpringSource are interested in this because they use it for their own middle-ware and are starting to provide it got their users. This Eclipse white paper from last year lays out a high-level vision of why OSGi-driven designs are probably easier to swallow than traditional Java enterprise monoliths (though, it’s scoped down to Eclipse’s OSGi runtime, Equinox)

…and with that added commentary on today’s links (tell me if you liked the extra highlighting, or not), here’s the links:

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Disclosure: see the RedMonk client list for clients mentioned, like the Eclipse Foundation.

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