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We don't care if we look stupid – IT Management & Cloud Podcast #59

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This week John and I talk about his devoxx and Interop encounters, IBM’s hyper-detailed cloud offerings, BMC and Salesforce, and Tivoli Live, the new SaaS monitoring offering from IBM.

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  • How was eating in the dark? It didn’t happen!
  • After London, John goes to Brussels for devoxx
  • John talks cloud at devoxx, the Euro Java conference
  • Interop on Tuesday, the cloud panel – Chris Brown (OpsCode), Jason Hoffman (Joyent) – John and Jason get in an argument over APIs:
  • Are cloud APIs silly? Or is it just that focusing on standards for cloud APIs that’s silly?
  • John’s opex vs. capex rant.
  • IBM cloud update from IBM Connect 2009The Big Burger.
  • The catch-22 of enterprise IT going to cloud – simplicity and speed vs. complexity and control – and IBM’s navigating there-in.
  • How did big outsourcing fail at cloud benefits? It was unrealistic expectations.
  • We go over some war stories of bad enterprise IT buying decisions.
  • How is it that cloud computing (for enterprise IT) will escape the problems of outsourcing?
  • BMC and Salesforce – sounds like it’s hooked up to their express offering, which is the old Magic stuff, not Remedy. (Press release from BMC.)
  • Tivoli Live – monitoring as SaaS from IBM Tivoli. Coté gives a jumbled run down (see my Quick Analysis note on Tivoli Live for more), and see this PDF data sheet as well, and some Twitter entries.
  • This gets us into a discussion of “selling features,” building on-top of PaaS.

Disclosure: IBM is a client (and paid for T&E to Connect 2009). See the RedMonk client list for other clients mentioned.

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