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Scaling Back Big Events, RedMonk Note on Unconferences & co.

Session proposals at CloudCampAustin

Starting last Fall, I’ve been asked innumerable times about the big time conference circuit: how has it been doing in these “tough economic times.” Those inquires continued to come in through-out the year, and one that came in this week reminded me that I’d been typing up a little document on the topic. With some finishing touches – and weaving in some contributions from Sara Dornsife and Mark Hinkle – I’ve finally got it dusted off.

The RedMonk note goes over what we’ve been seeing and then covers mini-events, unconferences/barcamps, small and medium sized conferences, and virtual events. There’s a short section on the risks of each conference, and then some suggestions on how to measure (vendor) success at these new types of conferences. Much thanks goes to Sara and Mark for their input here – two folks who are experts at these kinds of events.

Being a RedMonk Note, it’s in the form of a PDF instead of a blog entry, but it’s available for free. Feel free to send it around or ask us about it if it’s helpful.

Disclosure: Zenoss, where Mark works is a client. Many of the RedMonk clients put on events.

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