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Palm Development – RIA Weekly #66

Town Lake Gazebo

This week, Ryan and I finally get Dion Almaer and Ben Galbraith on to talk about the Palm Developer Program. Tragically, my voice goes all robot-style pretty quickly due to some (obviously) bad equipment. Thankfully, I don’t yammer on too much this episode:

You can download this episode directly directly and it’ll also show up in the RIA Weekly feed for iTunes and other podcatchers. Or, just use the controls below to listen to it right here:

In this episode we discuss:

  • What are you guys do over at Palm?
  • The announced Palm Developer program.
  • Freely accessible app downloads, and raw feeds to all catalogs so people can build their own app stores.
  • What’s WebOS like?
  • Ben speaks to spreading the web to all aspects of programming. As Ben says, “we believe in the web.”
  • Then Dion tells us the technical break-up of WebOS. Mojo, Ajax, etc. accessing device services as URLs. Multi-window applications, notifications,
  • Ryan asks how mobile will (or will not) drive HTML and Ajax (or “open web”) evolution. “For us, the web really is the platform,” -Ben “We don’t want to create our own weird APIs,” they want the APIs to be standard.
  • Flash on the Pre.
  • I ask Dion and Ben to tell us about the Pre – is it just an iPhone clone?
  • We then talk about the different form factor of mobile development a tad.
  • Getting ahold of the Pre for development – in December there’ll be a developer device program, but not you just got get the retail one.

Disclosure: Adobe and Microsoft are clients. See the RedMonk client list for other clients mentioned.

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