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ITSM with a hint of cloud – IT Management & Cloud Podcast #55

itSMF Fusion Keynote Crowd

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This week, both John and I are out and about at conferences, necessitating the dreaded, lo-fi phone recording option. Enjoy!

  • John is at the NCIO – John gives us a review of that. Google providing custom search engines for the US intelligence agency. Reminds me of Citrix talking about how much intel agencies like virtualized networks.
  • itSMF Fusion – pretty good so far. John says their problem is figuring out how this maps to cloud computing.
  • Check out PuppetCamp – see agenda and details – Oct 1st and 2nd in SF.
  • What’s “the consumerization of IT” look like here? How does that trend effect how IT service delivery is done? Maybe it means more meta-data encoding, John says, echo’ing the Reductive Labs guys. Maybe IT has more time to customize their applications, like adding dopplr to hotel kiosks instead of those kiosks staying stale.
  • Upcoming RCA webinar – Oct 1st, register here.
  • Dell & Perot – Timothy Prickett Morgan at The Register has a nice analysis. We recall Perot and EDS stories, like a good Dallas Morning News story on the history of EDS.
  • CA buys NetQoS – summary of my take, and John gives us the common view of CA: a cash-cow holder.
  • Jonh’ll be down in Austin this week, we’ll have a live recording.
  • Groundwork 6.0 out – among other things: JBoss portal re-write, dashboard stuff. Also

Disclosure: Groundwork, Reductive Labs, Dell, and others are clients.

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