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It's Virtualization Time – IT Management & Cloud Podcast #54

Fallen Tree

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This week, John and I catch up the virtualization and cloud news that’s been floating around over the past week, of which there was much:

  • John in Bulgaria, at Java2Days.
  • VMworld: Fellow RedMonker Stephen’s take. Moving between public and private clouds. does VMWare have a “real” cloud, or just good virtualization?
  • RedHat Summit and RedHat’s cloud take.
  • John says VMWare’s virtualization is still too labor intensive.
  • The problem with the 100% open cloud – how does a provider differentiate on features if any provider can have it? Competing beyond price and speed.
  • The RedHat cloud-application migration and development story.
  • Coté’s JBoss assessment – seeming to catch-up, but not as revolutionary as the used to be, the mantel of which seems to be help by open source and Spring.
  • John checking out Eucalyptus in Ubuntu alpha release.
  • Virtualization in Ubuntu land – KVM, kid.
  • Looking forward to the Citrix Industry Analyst event next week. What ever happened to Citrix and 3Tera?
  • Clouds vs. virtualized data centers.
  • Overview of Capital Factory Demo Day.
  • The ISV Renaissance – actually charing for/paying for software – what did the VC-types at the Capital Factory Demo Day say?
  • John really likes JungleDisk of an example here. And the Silverpop Atlanta guy.
  • In light of all this, r0ml’s IT as a Deli talk is starting to make even more sense.

Disclosure: see the the RedMonk client list for clients mentioned.

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