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RIA in Java-land, guest James Ward – RIA Weekly #61

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In this episode, “in the field,” I’m joined by Adobe’s James Ward again who I happened to run into at the RedHat Summit/JBoss World conference this week. Being at a (half) Java class, I spend most of the time asking James (who spends much time speaking with Java folks) what uses of RIAs he’s been seeing in the Java world. We also talk about layering RIAs on-top of cloud services, like Salesforce. Being at a RedHat conference, I ask him to give us the matrix of where Flash (Player, Flex SDK, and Flex Builder) works in the Linux world, across 32 and 64 bits. He does a nice job of laying it out with plenty of context and history.

Disclosure: Adobe is a client, as is Sun.

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  1. As always, it was great chatting with you! Thanks for having me on the show!