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ConVirt Open Source Virtualization Management Screencast

Virtualization is magic of IT shops, but as with any technology it creates it’s own unique set of management challenges. That’s why it was fun to sit down with Convirture‘s Jaydeep Marfatia and Arsalan Farooq for this two part screencast and see how ConVirt tackles virtualization management issues. They also indulge me in some “the future of IT management” talk which you know I always enjoy – there’s even some private cloud talk.

Part 1 – Console and Image Library

We start out with a quick history and overview of the ConVirt project and Convirture the company. Next, we look at the console for browsing physical and virtual machines, using it drill down into each to look at configuration and health metrics. Having browsed through existing servers, we start looking at how ConVirt helps you create a library of virtual images by creating templates. We see how you can use these templates – with all sorts of settings for the server, storage, network, and more – to create new virtual servers.

Part 2 – Management and Migration

Then we get into actual management, seeing how ConVirt manages not only the basic parameters for each virtual machine, but also the pools of storage and private networks. When it comes to provisioning, ConVirt also offers the optional intelligent VM placement that automatically figures out the best host to put a new virtual server. We wrap up by going over the ConVirt community and commercial support options.

Disclosure: Convirture is a client and sponsored this video.

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