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Numbers, Volume 24

Lunch on the August Day Off

Corporate Development Budgets Up?

Conducted from April to June of this year, the survey of more than 6,000 executives and development professionals conducted by SoftServe revealed that 60 percent of respondents reported increases in software development budgets for 2009.

For software customization and integration, Microsoft Dynamics/SharePoint was the most-used platform, by 42 percent of those polled. Oracle and SAP followed with 38 percent and 29 percent, respectively.

Also, check out coverage of some recent Forrester IT budget cutting.

The Nerds New Whipping Boy: AT&T

For the latest quarter, AT&T reported local voice revenue down 12%, long distance down 15%. With customers unplugging home phones and using flat-rate Internet services for long-distance calls (again, voice is just data), AT&T’s wireline operating income is down 36%. Even in the wireless segment, which grew 10% overall, per-customer voice revenue is down 7%.

Wireless data service is AT&T’s only bright spot, up a whopping 26% per customer.

Bat Belt, UK Edition

One in four Brits admit to owning at least two mobile phones, with respondents citing privacy, contracts and handset subsidy as motivation.

The study was carried out by Opinium Research for and involved asking 2002 people if they owned more than one phone and, if so, why. Eight per cent reckoned a second contract was necessary to get the package they needed, while six per cent wanted to get their hands on the latest hardware and 13 per cent wanted a second phone for privacy reasons.

And, as your bat belt expands, remember these tips from

Make sure your tools are in good working order. Test your pepper spray periodically to ensure that it functions properly by spraying a short burst toward the ground (in a safe direction). Test the batteries in your TASER and inspect the cartridges before every shift. If you carry an expandable or collapsible baton, make sure it will open when you deploy it. Last but not least, ensure that you are thinking tactically. Remember that the final weapon is the brain.

Zenoss (& others) downloads, etc.

The Zenoss Core project recently hit the 1 million downloads mark on SourceForge. That means on average someone downloads Zenoss every 90 seconds. These downloads have translated into over 1M managed servers & network devices, and 75K active end users from over 23K organizations across 175 countries . Needless to say we’re thrilled with the up-take over the past 27 months.

See Bill speak to these numbers and other Zenoss concerns more in this brief interview above.

And, some other IT Management “numbers”:

  • Nagios: “2.2 million downloads since 2002” (from email with Ethan Galstad, also SourceForge)
  • Spiceworks: 740,000 registered users“, which is a rough metric for downloads.
  • Solarwinds: more than 85,000 customers; 25,000 thwack community members, and over a million downloads including free tools (via email with Solarwinds).
  • ManageEngine: “More than 35,000 customers from 175 countries use ManageEngine,” from their website.
  • OpenNMS: starting on January 1st, 2009 – Tarus Balog emailed over detailed downloads by file type for across various repos. His summary was: for the core opennms-core RPM “we’re looking at about 13,000 downloads this year and about 8,000 on Debian. It’s hard to break out downloads per file on Sourceforge, but for all files we’re at 44,000 for the year.”
  • Nimsoft: “For the quarter ending June 30, 2009, Nimsoft saw monthly recurring revenue grow by 40% from the prior year, and its order backlog was up nearly 60% demonstrating ongoing demand for its solutions remains strong” (July 27th, 2009).
  • Reductive LabsPuppet: “The Puppet lists membership has grown almost 40% since the beginning of 2009, generating around 50 emails per day” via IM with Andrew Shafer.
  • ZenDesk: “Zendesk was founded in 2007 and says it has more than 1,000 customers, which include Books-a-Million, John Lewis and Scribd [and more named accounts]” (via John Willis, via VentureBeat).
  • “291 customers w/ 55,500 IT users servicing 3.8 million employees” (via Rhett Glauser of
  • soupnazi: “$22,000. Amount of cash they found on alleged credit card thief Albert Gonzalez when the Feds busted him” via @NoahGK.

For historic comparisons, check out Jack Hughes from back in Nov. 2007 on this topic.

And, of course, as everyone will tell you, “download” and other numbers depend on how the software is packaged, in one big package, spread across many, and then how you count all those (per file, or per install, etc.). Yup, sure ’nuff.

(Thanks to all the folks who got back to me with the IT Management numbers.)

Linux LoC

Red Hat, IBM, and Novell remain the top contributors to the Linux kernel, an open source project that has grown by 2.7 million lines of code over the past 16 months, according to a report put out by the Linux Foundation…. The report notes that since 2005, more than 5,000 individual developers from nearly 500 companies have contributed to the kernel.

Also of note are IDC projections on Linux-based revenues, here written up by Matt Assay:

IDC is projecting Linux revenue to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 16.9 percent from 2008 to 2013, topping $1.2 billion in 2013.

As IDC notes, this growth will comprise just 4 percent of total software market revenue by 2013, up from 2.2 percent in 2008.

HP Numbers

Broken down, HP’s enterprise business sunk 23 per cent to $3.7bn, with enterprise storage and server both dropping 21 per cent respectively. Software revenue declined 22 per cent to $847m and HP’s printer biz took a 20 per cent slide to $5.7bn.

The otherwise slumpy quarter was offset by HP’s services unit which increased 93 per cent to $8.5 million. But as mentioned, that’s primarily a result of the EDS acquisition.

And you thought you were being original…


As one would expect, Arial, Georgia and Verdana are used for the majority of body copy today. In our study, around 80% of websites used one of these three fonts. For the remaining 20%, designers’ favorite Helvetica is a popular choice, as is Lucida Grande.

This study-piece from Smashing Magazine is chock full of numbers on type-choice, background colors, etc. Even line-spacing and number of characters per line. Yeah.

Disclosure: there are many clients mentioned above. See the RedMonk client list.

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