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Enterprise PaaS – IT Management & Cloud Podcast #51


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In this episode, John and I spend a lot of time horsing off, but we talk about some on-topic things as well:

  • The most important news of the week: John has an iPhone. (And yes, Wal-mart does sell the iPhone.)
  • Lower Amazon prices – John details this. The Deli case. No word on the Deli, but there is Memo Jokes.
  • How do you setup a Windows box, esp. virtualization. John says ESXi, the free VMWare client.
  • SpringSource and cloud foundry – deploying and managing Java apps in public clouds.
  • Last episode, John had commented on the valuation for other Little 4 types in light of the SpringSource price. Zenoss’ Mark Hinkle got back to John on this topic.
  • We get into enterprise/corporate uses of PaaS – using Heroku and EngineYard as proxy for thinking about how Azure and Java in the clouds might pan out for corporate developers vs. IT staff.
  • While the quick and easy approach is awesome, I ask John to recount some IT disasters he’s seen when there’s not enough IT process and too much “quick and easy” think.
  • What’s up with devopsdays? In Belgium Oct 30 – 31st – John will present there on the Ubuntu elastic cloud with Chef. From this Patrick Dubous guy. Maikin Piss!
  • itSMF Fusion conference – Sep. 20-23rd in Dallas. Is that anything? Agenda looks nice and ITIL-y. Mike Walker in Atlanta runs the ATL itSMF.
  • “Cloud Brokers” and extradition free countries – but seriously, John explains this idea of “cloud brokers.”

Disclosure: Zenoss, IBM, Microsoft, SpringSource, and others mentioned are clients.

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2 Responses

  1. My suggestion is for you to go with Virtualbox.

    Regarding your video editing problem, you could setup a Windows AMI on Amazon EC2 with the necessary video editing software. Mount your S3 account to your mac using Mac Fuse. Transfer the video file you want to process. Once it is uploaded, fire up a powerful instance, process it, upload to any video site you want, backup in S3, shutdown the EC2 instance and take the processed video from S3 to Mac. You might save quite a bit of time if your processing needs are big. Of course, the catch here is that you should have a big pipe from your home and not one of those slower DSL ones. Well, a way to tap Clouds to get video processing done. You can also automate the whole process with a script.

  2. Update:

    In the podcast I suggest that the 3 yr cost is 350 for 3 years. That is the reserve price. You still have to pay the per hour cost. For a small instance it comes to about 350 per year and 1k for 3 years total. That is still 1/3 of the cost Mosso at 100 per month * 3 years.