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SXSW 2010 Panels

"Cerebral Vortex"

SXSW is one of the finer conferences to look forward to, not least of which because it’s down where I live in Austin. This year, I have two sessions I’m gunning for, one in the vein of career hacking and the other a panel on HTML 5.

Now’s the time when people can go vote on sessions that look interesting. If you’re in a kind mood, I’d appreciate some votes and comments on the two sessions I have submitted:

  • Your Self-Promotion Career Toolkit – Making a Fun Job Sustainable – the idea here is wrap up all the stuff “independent” oriented career people (myself included) have figured out et by and while still enjoying their job. As the abstract put it: “You’re getting kind of older now, and the idea of a sustainable income keeps bumping up against that laptop hipster life you’ve been leading. How do you keep up that fun, web-wunderkind life and support a (gasp!) family without giving into The Man and getting a straight job?”
  • Tackling the HTML 5 Challenge – a panel discussing HTML 5 and it’s impact, pretty straight forward. I’m hoping to round up some panelist from all over the place. As the abstract puts it: “HTML 5 is underway and promises to improve the Web. Thus far the standard’s development process has been rocky. Can there be true industry-wide standards collaboration to dictate a consistent Web infrastructure that benefits all? Is standardization essential to Web innovation? This panel will tackle the HTML 5 challenge.”

Again, if you like those topics, I’d really appreciate your votes and/or comments. That input counts for 30% of the selection criteria (shared with the SXSW staff and advisory boards), so it actually matter a great deal.

There’s plenty of other folks with interesting panels you should check out too: Maggie’s SMG folks, Dawn Foster on community management, applying game design to application UX and usability, Andrew Shafer on Agile Infrastructure, and all sorts of Austinites. (Leave a comment with the nifty ones I missed.)

Also, if you’re interested in attending SXSW, you really should. It’s actually killer cheap (both for registration and hotel) for how excellent of a conference it is.

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  1. Thanks for the plug for my community session! I’m really hoping your career panel gets selected. After going independent a year ago, I’m always looking for creative ideas for making it easier while continuing to pay the mortgage (so far, so good).