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Paglo Adds Log Management – Brief Notes


While I was in town for cloud week (Velocity, CloudCampSF, and Structure), I finally got the chance to meet face-to-face with some folks from Paglo to go over their latest offering/update, adding in log management.

As you may recall, Paglo started out as a general IT management monitoring platform, hosted as a SaaS. While it was initially heavily oriented (or marketed) around search, recent versions have made search just a part of the general monitoring platform.

This recent update introduced log collecting to Paglo, sucking in events from syslog. As an interesting implementation note, because syslogs can be configured to send their events to any machine, you can configure your setup to have syslog send those events directly to Paglo, without having to setup a behind-the-firewall proxy/agent to collect and forward them. Of course, you use that proxy (or “crawler,” as they call it), which is also required to collect from Windows Event Logs and other log sources. As with most folks who get into doing log management, Paglo says this allows them to become part of the compliance life-cycle to do things like PCI.

While there’s a free plan, for more than 10 megs of log traffic a day you’ll have to pay for the service, starting at $99/month for 25 megs/day, and going up to $718/month for 2 gigs/day (both prices are the discounted price for a year).

It’d been awhile since I’d gotten a seen a demo of Paglo, and it seems like their application has been moving along nicely. As one example, the continued refining of using the Paglo query language to create dashboard/widget. They’ve also since added in an MSP offering, allowing people to white-label Paglo and resell it as their own.

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