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RIA Weekly #53 – Catching up on JavaFX

JavaFX at SXSW 2009 - Joshua Marinacci

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This week, Joshua Marinacci joins me to talk about more about JavaOne and JavaFX. We discuss:

  • Josh’s coffee places: Allen Brothers, Dutch Brothers.
  • Josh’s take on JavaOne and CommunityDay.
  • In talking about Kenai and Zembly, we get into a discussion about moving parts of the software development process into the cloud.
  • We then talk about the Java Store, which he’s been working on in the recent time. See his recent Q&A on the Java Store.
  • The difficulty of collecting money in these stores – figuring out regional tax laws, income tax, etc.
  • JavaFX 1.2 – lots of control improvements & additions. Redoing GUI concepts – separating styling from controls. Button, slider, checkbox, but some things missing: table, tree, combo box. No more layout managers, there’s containers. No ties to AWT and Swing, everything is skinable with CSS. Also: charts. Linux and Solaris support.
  • JavaFX tools? Updates Production Suite for CS4. More people working on the open source Eclipse plugin. JavaOne showed sneak-preview of the design tool. Also the other fun JavaFX Wii-mote and motion sensing demos during the Gosling talk. See the JavaOne Toy Show replay.
  • Also, we rat-hole on JavaFX profiles – desktop and common, and I’d expect mobile out there. But Josh, says they’re trying to limit them.

Ryan wasn’t able to join as we recorded this at the ungodly hour of 8AM PDT ;>

Disclosure: Sun is a client.

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