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Acquia Search

In this screencast, Acquia’s Brian House goes over Acquia Search. We start out with an overview of Acquia, providing commercial support for drupal in addition to products and services like search. And then we quickly jump into the meat of the demo, the search service that Acquia offers around drupal. Bryan demonstrates the faceted searches and other “blocks” that help supplement and narrow down the raw search results. Through these browsing features, Bryan points out, site owners can do a better job of exposing the content they have, potentially driving in more traffic and usage. I ask Bryan what types of web sites this search applies to, public only, or private behind the firewall drupal installs? This discussion prompts me to ask Bryan about the use of drupal behind-the-firewall they’re seeing.

In the second part, we get into the administration tool where facets, blocks, and other search configuration takes place. Here, we go over the basic configuration of search, but then get into the settings for weighting taxonomies, creating the “did you mean” configurations, and placing the related blocks in the site.

Finally, we wrap up by seeing how all of this works on a real site, Bryan’s own site, The Beer Observer.

Disclosure: Acquia sponsored this video.

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