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Michael Wilde on Splunking the Cloud – CloudCampAustin Interviews 2

While our audio recording equipment was having a nap at CloudCampAustin, I whipped out the video camera to talk with Michael Wilde of Splunk. Being at CloudCampAustin, we end up discussing how Splunk fits into all this cloud computing stuff: here, the point Michael lays out is that you’ve still got basic IT infrastructure to worry about and shift through, namely logs.

Having worked at Tivoli in the past, I ask Michael to compare the traditional, Big 4 way of doing IT Management with how folks like Splunk and other “Systems Management 2.0” (to use an old moniker) folks do it. It’s sort of a best-of-breed vs. unified suite discussion. Him living in Dripping Springs, I ask him about a new vodka from there I’ve been seeing around Austin.

Also, you’ll probably like this:

Disclosure: Splunk is a client.

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