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IT Management & Cloud Podcast #41 – The Cloud's Awkward Teen Years

My Seat-mate Likes Brown Booze

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John and I are back after a few weeks hiatus (I’ve been traveling too much, see above). There’s tons of news to pick from, and most of what we go over is cloud related since that’s been coming hot and heavy recently:

  • The Killer Cloud – John’s government consulting.
  • I ask John what he knows about vSphere. He’s not too hot on it as a private cloud; we discuss “hyper-visor virtualization.”
  • We get into a discussion about “workloads” you’d put in a cloud and the risk-profiling, lacing in John’s military chatter and my notes from a recent IBM cloud talk.
  • We once again arrive at our “get rid of all that annoying IT process” candy-land of cloud computing. I ask John what kinds of applications people are putting in these candy-lands: new stuff, or just the regular workloads? John says he’s seen standard LAMP stack stuff and a few other items.
  • IBM cloud explosion – what exactly is all this cloud stuff we’re seeing from IBM? Here, here, etc.
  • GroundWork Starter edition – $4,000 starts you with 100 devices.
  • Snorkle – Sun + Oracle. John gets me to re-cap my post on the topic.
  • Cassatt closingDavid Dennis had a nice write-up, but I ask John to add in his take which seems to be: “provisioning on steroids might be a cloud.”
  • OpsCode (Chef) funding, and Eucalyptus too.
  • The Bowling Kid – John’s son Daniel can bowl a mean game.

Also, we finally have John’s new “IT Management Guys” hit theme-song.

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