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RIA Weekly #50 – RIAs in Cars

Don't get drunk and wrap your tie around your head like a Japanese bandanna

You can download this episode directly directly and it’ll also show up in the RIA Weekly feed for iTunes and other podcatchers. Or, just use the controls below to listen to it right here:

Both of us being back from our travels to the other side of the world, Ryan and I finally get back together to catch up on the RIA news:

As a side note, if you want Flex Builder on Linux, go leave a comment on the bug/feature report for it ‘fore it’s too late.


This Episode is Sponsored by Adobe:

Use the Adobe Flex framework and Adobe AIR to create rich Internet applications. RIAs that combine the wide reach of the browser and the flexibility of applications that can also be delivered outside the browser. Adobe Flex combined with Adobe AIR provides an agile and powerful solution to develop and make quick iterations on applications that reach across platforms and deliver a consistent user experience.


Download the free Flex Builder trial and the Adobe AIR SDK and start building the next- generation of RIAs.

Disclosure: Adobe is a client and sponsored this podcast. Microsoft and Sun are clients as well.

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