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Genuitec Update with Wayne Parrott

While at EclipseCon, I had the chance to talk with Genuitec’s Wayne Parrott. I wanted to use the time to get a full overview and update of the various Eclipse-based products and projects that Genuitec puts out and is involved in, and we sure did that.

We start out with an overview and history of Genuitec, but then quickly get to the product lines that Genuitec has been building on-top of Eclipse for some years now: the MyEclipse line, MyEclipse Blue, Pulse, and their new work in the mobile space.

After going over MyEclipse, we talk about Genuitec’s Pulse product and service that handles plugin management and distribution of RCP-based applications. Used for more than just Eclipse-based IDE configuration, Pulse is also for Eclipse RCP based application configuration and deployment.

Hoping back to the MyEclipse family, we then talk about MyEclipse Blue. Wayne goes over its history and then discussed the feature set, such as how MyEclipse Blue layers on-top of existing RAD or WSAD projects.

We then talk about Genuitec’s efforts in the mobile web development with their Mobile Web Studio tool. Driven by their customer’s desires to develop for the iPhone, Genuitec has been working on a commercial tool built on an open source project to aid with web-based iPhone and mobile development. That week, they’d introduced the open source component, the Blinki open source project (formally known as “Firefly”). While the focus of Genuitec’s Blinki contributions are around WebKit tooling for the iPhone, Wayne says that they’ve been talking with other handset folks like RIM for possible, future versions.

Disclosure: Genuitec is a client and sponsored this video. IBM and The Eclipse Foundation are clients as well.

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