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Swordfish Update with Oliver Wolf – EclipseCon 2009

When I was at EclipseCon this year, I sat down with Oliver Wolf from to talk about the newly announced Swordfish, SOA project. Having talked about Swordfish before in RedMonkTV, I ask Oliver to quickly catch us up since last we talked. They’ve announced their release date (which has occurred since this was filmed), including all the compliance and IP cleaning.

Oliver then gives us a very quick overview of Swordfish: a runtime for implementing SOAs. I then ask Oliver what Swordfish’s “take” on SOA is, that is, what’s it’s general philosophy, so to speak of what the definition of an SOA. As Oliver explains, it starts from a decentralized ESB.

We then discuss what this decentralization means for Swordfish’s various SOA components. I then ask how Swordfish came to be and where the project is now.

Getting back to the type of SOA that Swordfish embodies, I ask Oliver what types of workloads Swordfish is suited for. Having announced Swordfish at this year’s EclipseCon, along with more than five sessions on the topic, I ask Oliver what how it’s been received and what people have been asking. Finally, I ask Oliver to tell us how Swordfish fits into the overall Eclipse Runtime strategy.

Disclosure: The Eclipse Foundation is a client, sponsored this video, and paid T&E to EclipseCon.

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