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CloudCampAustin – April 25

Along with a fine roster of others, I’m helping organize the local instance of CloudCamp, CloudCampAustin, hosted by the ACTlab down on campus. Attendance is totally free, and it’s coming up in just under two week on April 25th. The attendee list is filling up with some interesting looking folks and the space is looking nice.

If you’re in the Austin area that weekend, and interested in cloud computing, it’ll be great fun. I went to the first CloudCamp in San Francisco last year and it was professionally and personally valuable and fun. The thing I’m hoping to see from you, dear readers, are some good session and talk ideas (feel free to add them to the wiki). Barcamp style conferences are always interesting to me because the speakers tend to be very passionate and interested in the their topics, and their fellow attendees tend to be equally engaged. This past BarCampAustin4, for example, was a blast.

Also, if you’re someone who thinks they might benefit from sponsorship, we’re looking for people to help out with this event. As I said above, it’s free to attend, and the after-party is free as well. Us organizers are volunteering our time, so CloudCamp depends on sponsors to defray the costs. There are two basic levels, a $500 basic sponsorship and a $1,000 platinum level sponsorship that includes a Lightening Round talk at the beginning. We’re limiting the platinum levels to a handful, but there should be a couple left. Email me up if you’re interested.

Either way, it’d be a pleasure to see you, dear readers, at the event; it’d be even nicer to see what kinds of talks you might give; and we’d be grateful for any help you potential sponsors out there might be able to afford.

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