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Equinox Update with Jeff McAffer – EclipseCon 2009

In this interview from EclipseCon, I talk with multi-RedMonkTV guest Jeff McAffer, one of the leads on the Equinox project. Having spoken with him about Equinox many times before, I start by asking him to give us an update on what’s been going on in Equinox-land of late. In doing so, we speak about how Equinox is related to the OSGi Enterprise and other specifications. Also, Jeff mentions the p2 and other sub and related projects. Since there’s always great interest in it, I ask Jeff to give us more details on p2, esp. how it can be used to assemble and deploy different packages of Eclipse components, for example, of Eclipse IDE plugins.

Getting back to the server-side aspects of Equinox, I ask Jeff to tell us how Equinox has been fairing out in the field. He goes over a long, impressive list of middleware and application server projects and products that are using it. Next, I ask what the experience to transitioning to OSGi-driven development has looked in practice.

Finally, since we last talked Jeff has moved from IBM to his own company, Code9, and then to EclipseSource. I ask him to tell us all about that.

Disclosure: The Eclipse Foundation is a client, sponsored this video, and paid T&E to EclipseCon.

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