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Prashant Ketkar on Microsoft Azure – MIX09

While at MIX09 accompanied by a rockin’ sound-track from the Rock Band mega-stage down the hallway, I talked with Prashant Ketkar about Microsoft’s cloud platform, Azure.

After nailing down the proper pronunciation of “Azure,” I ask Prashant to give us an overview of Azure. We then get into a discussion of the PaaS aspects of Azure and the overall ecosystem that may develop including partner opportunities and roles. I ask Prashant what the developer experience is like: that is, getting started with using Azure. We then briefly touch on the slightly different development concerns when deploying to the cloud.

Finally, we go over the current feature set of Azure and look outwards at it’s road-map, some items of which will announced this coming summer, esp. the pricing structure for Azure.

Disclosure: Microsoft paid T&E to MIX09 and sponsored this video.

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