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Links for April 6th

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  1. IBM withdraws offer for Sun. This is probably the very best thing that has happened to Sun in a very long time.

    The Sun management needs to get off the high-horse and get in the trenches with shovels with the rest of us and start digging, mud at the lapels and all.

    Management was probably licking its chops at the prospect of the severance packages. No such luck.

    Time to apply elbow grease to the shovel.

    Ultimately, though, they need to become ultra competitive on the hardware. I'm not saying cheap, I'm saying best value by a mile. I'm saying nobody in their right mind would buy anything but a Sun server after doing the math on cost-per-year over the expected lifetime. That kind of thing.

    In any case, JAVA mgmt got the red pill shoved down their collective throat, and they need to welcome brutal change if they want to see 2010.