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Silverlight 3, Azure, Web Platform – MIX09 Overview with Steven Martin

While at MIX09 this year, I had the chance to film three different interviews with Microsoft folks. The first of these interviews is with Microsoft’s Steven Martin wherein we go over the bevy of announcements this year: Expression Blend, Silverlight 3, Media Server and Video, Web Platform, Web App Gallery, cloud computing with the Azure Services platform, just to name a few.

Our discussion starts around the Web Platform and the installers that were released at MIX09. We talk about
they fit into the full management of an applications life-cycle. We then get on to discussing the support for PHP and many PHP applications in Microsoft’s Web Platform. This leads naturally to a discussion of the the App Gallery where Microsoft is hosting community projects, many of them open source, that can be added to the Web Platform.

Getting into cloud computing and Azure, we next talk about the different deployment options (or runtime environments) that divide up Steven’s world: the local host, in a data center, to a hoster, or cloud, here, Azure. This last runtime environment gets us into a discussion of why you’d use cloud computing and, implicitly, a discussion of what Microsoft’s understanding of “cloud computing” is.

Silverlight, Microsoft’s RIA and multi-media platform, is the next topic of discussion. Here, we talk about the the out of the browser experience, synchronizing across different applications, and a few other topics.

Disclosure: Microsoft sponsored this video and is a client.

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