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Vishy on Virtualization

Vishy with the glowing Telelogic cup

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I was catching up with one of my analyst colleagues recently and thought our conversation would do well as a podcast. Indeed, in the course of the resulting RedMonk Radio episode, we end up talking about some of the more interesting findings Vishwanath “Vishy” Venugopalan (@midtownninja in Twitter) has come across after taking a survey of virtualization use out in the wild.

Here’re some of the highlights of the discussion:

  • Vishy’s time on Wall Street as a developer. The development is all about getting advantage with data & information.
  • Virtualization talk – what’s it looking like out there in the data centers? Talking with small and medium businesses about their virtualization efforts: a lot more virtualization out there than expected.
  • The first wave of virtualization management problems. Charge-backs, managing pools of resources.
  • How do people really think about applying charge-backs in companies? It’s a pretty foreign concept for most x86 based companies.
  • Dividing up the virtualization world into tribes – but still, the basics are needed, no matter which tribe you’re part of
  • Finally, I ask Vishy about my current pet topic: What’s up with Netbooks?

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Cote – Very interesting! And congratulations to Vishy on your new position. Hope all is well!

    Carolyn ChiangMarch 3, 2009 @ 5:52 pm
  2. Well, I'm glad you liked it, Carolyn.