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RIA Weekly #45 – RIA's and PaaS's, The Intuit Partner Platform

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This week, Ryan and I are joined by Intuit’s Alex Barnett. We spend most of the time talking about Intuit related topics in the RIA space, but get to the week’s general RIA news as well.

We discuss:

  • Alex Barnett and the Intuit Partner Platform
  • Intuit moving to “Connected Services” to evolve into the future where being only the desktop isn’t such a good idea. Moving into the cloud, that is.
  • AIR and Flex layering on-top the Intuit Partner Platform – accessing QuickBooks data and process. Examples: Universal Mind mapping application to see where your customers are. They’ve got 12 applications in IPP so far: people waiting for full transactional data in QuickBooks.
  • Marketplace Intuit takes 20% revenue-share, collects the money, and pays the develop.
  • Are internal Intuit folks using IPP? Or, at least RIAs? Indeed, quit a bit, Alex says. For example an Intuit project called “view my pay check,” on… 400 small businesses using it for over 4,000 employees.
  • What would people charge for these “mini-applications”? How does this change the procurement cycle. Monthly cycles, 10’s of dollars a month.
  • What types of things do people use AIR, or “occasionally connected” applications for? One of their theories is that AIR is a good transition app for moving people comfortably from the desktop to a purer SaaS.
  • How does RIA UX play into the appeal here? “Simple” things like drag-and-dropping are astonishingly handy for users.
  • QuickBase’s offer to take on Coghead users.
  • Appcelerator Titanium PR2 – we’re getting an Appcelerator guest on next week for more details.
  • Bespin – pure open web based IDE that’s, as Alex puts it “astonishing.”
  • Brandon Wiley’s p2p data-sharing thing, service, Ringlight


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