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IT Management Podcast #37 – Free Hyper-visors, ManageEngine, Solaris on HP, & Plenty of Cloud


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  • Living off Star Buck’s cards – Net 30 is fun!
  • Graft in John’s family.
  • VMWare EU: vShield Zones, cloud project renaming.
  • Following VMWare’s VDI news, we talk briefly about the VDI market itself.
  • What’s up with The Kids coming into companies? John says what one BigCo CIO said and we speculate more. The upshot are some subtle changes about expectations and (maybe) computer literacy. Still, I’m skeptical that so called “digital natives” will all be computer wiz-kids who’ll wave of help from the IT department.
  • AWS is still madeningly cheap
  • ManageEngine On-Demand – at $5/node/month this is also maddeningly cheap
  • John’s Paglo Challenge – he wants to see that $1/node/month.
  • This gets us into a general talk about monitoring pricing.
  • Solaris on HP announcement – we reprise the “Solaris missed the Linux boat” folk-lore.
  • Citrix/Microsoft – most hyper-visors free now, managing them is not.
  • For IT Management spending – the rule of spending time, or spending money has carried over from open source.
  • Longjump PaaS, Appcelerator Titanium and how RIAs are another approach to changing how applications are delivered and, thus, what the IT department does.
  • Cisco Blades & Plumbers
  • Austin company AlterPoint bought by Versata.
  • SHARE is next week in Austin, TX.
  • What are the good cloud conferences? SYS-CON Conference in NYC, one in Mountain View get good audiences. One in Vegas during Interop during May 18th. Executive Cloud Summit where John is chairing two panels. John will provide a better list soon.

Disclosure: IBM, AlterPoint, Microsoft, Appcelerator, and Sun are clients.

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