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RIA Weekly #44 – JavaFX In-depth Update, Coghead, the Flex Community, URLs for your desktop, USB Gadgets

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This week, Ryan Stewart and I are joined by Sun’s Joshua Marinacci. We discuss several topics:

  • JavaFX update from Josh. JavaFX 1.1 with Mobile Support.
  • Partners for JavaFX Mobile. Ryan asks about the types of applications people are doing: games, cloud things, things for looking up movies, and other geo-location things.
  • Coté asks what the story for existing hand-sets is. You can get Over-the-Air updates for some existing version of Java ME, this is one of the options that Sun sells. They also build the embedded JavaFX runtime.
  • Sun will be selling developer phones with JavaFX during JavaOne.
  • We talk about design-oriented tool use that Josh has done in the JavaFX world. Also, they’ll show a designer-centric tool at JavaOne.
  • JavaFX downloaded 100M times already.
  • Ryan asks about the media and video codecs in JavaFX to clarify that story.
  • Coghead shuts down – we liked Bob Warfield’s coverage.
  • What’s this GridIron Software dev/designer workflow stuff? The product is called Flow. It seems track relationships between different Creative Suite files and do version control. Is this ALM for the dev/design workflow? Also a sort of “asset management” and browsing thing, kind of like Bridge scaled down to a project. See screencast. It’s $249.
  • The FX is out of the FlexSDK kerfuffle.
  • Microsoft’s research project, Social Desktop. Treating your desktop applications like a web site, with a URL.
  • Josh and friends launched


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