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RIA Weekly #43 – It's a Mobile Filled Week!

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This week there was a ton of mobile news from most major RIA communities due to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We saw the release of JavaFX Mobile, a laundry list of Adobe announcements, and lots of marketplace/app store news including from Microsoft. Ryan and I spend a good deal of time talking about the Kindle, the culture of GPS trail tracking, and our hopes for more open “app stores” in the mobile world. Here are the details:

  • Kindle 2 – how much of a platform is the Kindle? Is it a cul de sac, or something that can augment Web 2.0 info-junkie shakes?
  • “Everybody has an App Store”Microsoft App Store – Retail stores
  • Adobe Marketplace – still no buying, but link to buying.
  • JavaFX Mobile – in addition to launching, Sun announced several partners: Sony Ericsson, LG Electronics, carriers like Orange and Sprint.
  • JavaFX momentum: in month of Dec. had record downloads of 50M Java SE 6 Update 11. There’s not a lot of sizzle beyond JavaFX executing on plan.
  • Adobe Mobile Congress Announcements – Palm joining Open Screen (means: they’ll work with the Adobe tool-chain and runtime), $10M Adobe/Nokia fund (how can you get that cash?), Flash Lite runtime for Nokia and Windows Mobile phones. Scoble has a good summary.
  • Check out the list of current Adobe Open Screen partners.
  • Trail GPS tracking – what’s up with this culture?
  • Moonlight 1.0 GA – we’re interested to see what the open source world does with this and encouraged by the open source angle this brings to the RIA world.
  • March Madness On Demand with Silverlight: “Today,, in partnership with CBS Sports and the NCAA, announced that they have selected Microsoft Silverlight to deliver live and on-demand high-quality video coverage of the 2009 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball March Madness Tournament, starting Thursday, March 19. Broadcast via’s NCAA March Madness on Demand service, Silverlight will power a hi-definition quality video player that will deliver an enhanced video stream to online tournament viewers. After downloading the Silverlight plug-in, viewers can upgrade their March Madness experience from the standard player, which streams 550 kb/s, to the Silverlight player, which delivers up to 1.5 mb/s of enhanced tournament action. Both video options will be offered free of charge. The NCAA March Madness on Demand service will launch on Tuesday, March 10, and feature historical highlights from past tournaments until the first day of action on March 19. For more information, and to download the Silverlight plug-in, users can visit” (quote from an email I received on the topic.)

As always, if you want to keep up with things we’re looking at between the week, check out the “riaweekly” tag in, feel free to add your own!


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