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IT Management Podcast #146 – Cloud IBM, GroundWorks, and SaaS News

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Earlier this week, John and I were at IBM Tivoli Pulse 2009 for all of the exciting cloud announcements. We spend the bulk of the episode talking about those announcements, but get to other IT management news as well.

The agenda ended up being:

  • The cloud talk and announcements from Pulse. See IBM’s press release on the topic, and also the collection of Pulse announcements.
  • IBM software in Amazon EC2 – pricing released as well
  • Application development on clouds: beyond just load-balancing, web app clusters, and HA. It seems like it’s something along the lines of learning parallel programming for cloud computing. Interestingly, from another angle – the death of Moore’s Law – Grady Booch spoke to the change needed here back in an interview as RSDC 08.
  • What is the self-provisioning part of IBM’s private cloud stuff? Is that just RBAs re-branded? What’s different & new?
  • The Consumerization of Corporate IT: It seems like private cloud driven self-service takes away some of the nasty responsibilities that the IT department has: making the internal customers feel like they own the services more so don’t look to IT to own those business services.
  • John tells us about his CloudCamp Toronto adventures. See coverage over at his blog for more.
  • Sun is building a cloud, but are people insane to go against Amazon? See Savvis as well. Actually, we conclude that it’s early enough in the market that there’s no insanity. Remember AltaVista?
  • GroundWork 5.3 out – GroundWork seems to have wedged itself into the high-end category, competing more directly with Big 4 vendors. Is that success based on the nagios install?
  • numbers I got from last week: “Booked almost $20 million in recurring revenue in the first half of FY09. Three consecutive years of triple-digit revenue growth. Cash-flow positive for the last year and a half. 237 enterprise customers using our IT service management SaaS, most are former HP and BMC customers”
  • Are people more ready to run their monitoring stuff in the cloud, one Quest guy at CloudCamp Toronto said so.

Also, see the two IT Management video specials we recorded at Pulse: one with John and one with James.

Disclosure: IBM is a client, as is GroundWork. See the RedMonk client list for other clients mentioned.

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  1. What's the federal government's story on cloud? There are lots of federal apps where security concerns (not necessarily secret, just sensitive) seem to preclude leveraging the cloud. Should the federal government be building out a "Fed" Cloud? Or can the feds leverage the cloud?

    Glenn OlsenFebruary 17, 2009 @ 8:20 am

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