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Pulse 2009 – WOO'ing the Cloud – IT Management Podcast Special

Mid-day during the first day of IBM’s Tivoli user conference, Pulse 2009, I talked with our very own James Governor about his quick impressions on the morning’s keynote.

He starts out talking about Tivoli’s Industry Frameworks, which, as he says, is about IBM Software Group selling applications but not calling them “applications.” Indeed, as a Q&A session on that topic later in the day evoked, it’s a sort of semantic issues best discussed “over drinks,” as one exec put it.

We then get into a short discussion of Tivoli’s Dynamic Infrastructure story which, according to James, is all about bringing SOA together with IT Service Management (“ITSM” as he says). I ask how he thinks this fits in with older IBM ideas like Autonomic computing.

Finally, we wrap-up discussing the Tivoli cloud computing story we’ve been seeing evolve here at Pulse. James is (still) not too happy with the IBM cloud story. That said, he suggests pulling in the OnDemand phrase and discussion from the past, the content of which he liked. I add in that the cloud computing discussion seems to be around what cloud means for operations people, not end-users, where you’d expect to hear more from the Lotus folks (as we did back at Lotusphere this year).

Disclosure: IBM is a client and paid T&E to Pulse 2009.

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